Hope For Humanity? It’s In The Bag, Part 2

, , | Hopeless | August 24, 2016

(My parents and I go to a funeral, and then to National Chain Coffee Shop for an early dinner. Being overwhelmed, I am not mindful of my satchel and accidentally leave it there. In the five minutes it takes to turn the car around, someone has taken it, and the employees we speak with say no one had given it to them for safekeeping. Dejected, we go home to cancel my debit card and cellphone. Mere moments before we can do so, Dad’s cellphone rings.)

Dad: *answering phone* “Hello? Yes. Oh! Yes, that belongs to my daughter! Wonderful, we’ll be right there to pick it up. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. You have restored my faith in humanity. Have a great day.”

(Someone had returned my belongings to the coffee shop and used my cellphone to call Dad. We made it back and reclaimed my satchel, which still had everything in it. Even my wallet was untouched. We asked if the Good Samaritan was still around, but the employees said he had left. Whoever you are, sir, thank you. People like you are why I have faith in individuals rather than the whole of humanity. If you happen to misplace something one day, I truly hope someone helps you like you helped me.)


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