Future ‘Not Always Hopeless’ Editor In The Making

, , , | Hopeless | August 23, 2016

(A few weeks ago, I started working as an intern at our local newspaper, and after the internship, I agree to work as a freelancer. I often publish columns which deal with a funny and/or personal experience. One day, when I enter the editorial office, a coworker approaches me.)

Coworker: “Oh, hey, [My Name], I’ve got a letter for you! I put it on your desk.”

(I get quite nervous as she announces this because my colleagues already told me that sometimes we get “hate-mail” with insults in it, since people disagree with us. As I said, my stories can be quite personal, so I am afraid to get affronted by someone when I open the letter.)

Reader: “Good afternoon, [My Name]. I just read your story, [Story], and I just have to say: You took the words right from my mouth! I really liked your text and your point of view, so I just had to write to you. I can understand you so well, and I’m glad that I’m not alone. Thank you for your beautiful story!”

(I later found out that one of my friends knew her and that she was a really nice old lady. I know it is not much, but I was just so affected by this nice and encouraging response, because everybody warned me of mean people. So, thank you very much, lady. You made my day!)

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