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If The Shoe Fits…, Part 6

, , | Hopeless | August 26, 2016

(My boyfriend has recently had some serious medical issues and is currently unable to work, so I am supporting both of us on a part-time job. Between hospital bills and the cost of living, we don’t have much money for extra expenses. Recently, his only pair of shoes wore through the bottoms, so we’re trying to save back a little each week to get new ones. We are in town doing laundry when a woman walks up to him and starts a conversation:)

Woman: “Excuse me, this is a very odd question, but what size shoe do you wear?”

Boyfriend: “Uhh… I think a ten?”

Woman: “Oh, good! My son just went away to college and left some shoes behind, and I’ve been trying to find someone to give them to. You look around the same height and build as him. Do you want to try them on?”

Boyfriend: “Y-yeah?”

Woman: “Awesome! Follow me, they’re in my car!”

(We follow her outside to her car and she pulls out an almost brand new pair of Air Jordans that fit him perfectly. My faith in humanity has been greatly restored by this kind woman who just wanted to get rid of some shoes.)

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