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Has The Nerve To Not Use Them

| Friendly | December 10, 2016

(I have been giving the driver in front of me a bit of space as their driving is a little haphazard. I assume it’s perhaps a new driver who is a little nervous on the road. They eventually stabilise so I catch up to give them a more respectable distance, when they slam on their brakes about 20-30 metres away from a traffic light that has just turned red. The force they used to stop automatically triggered their hazard lights momentarily. I stop as expected along with the line of cars behind me. I can hear some horns going off, but other than that I’m just waiting for the car to start moving again. Instead, a woman climbs out of the passenger side and runs to my car. I lower my window.)

Woman: “Sorry about that! My son’s just started learning to drive. Bless him!”

Me: *checking the car* “Where are his L plates?”

Woman: “We don’t use them. It makes him nervous.”

Me: “If he’s driving that car, he must use them.”

Woman: “He won’t even get in the car with them on!”

Me: “By law he must use L plates if he is a learner driver. You’ve put everyone he interacts with at risk by not doing so.”

Woman: “He’s fine! I’m in the car with him so he won’t do anything dangerous.”

Me: “He just braked without reason. Had I not been observant enough to realise there was something wrong I could have collided with you.”

Woman: “Oh, you’re exaggerating!”

Me: “I’m really not. Get L plates on that car before I report you.”

(The woman sneered before spitting at me in the face. She screamed “F*** YOU” before heading back to the car. Before the door was even closed the car sped off, nearly colliding with the traffic light they had stopped for. I took note of the number plate and when I arrived at my destination I reported them to the local police. Half an hour later while I was driving home I noticed the car again, only this time it had mounted a pavement and collided with a lamppost. I saw the kid in the car looking shocked while his mother was being arrested by two police officers (one of which looked like he might have been pushed onto the ground at some point) while screaming “HE GETS NERVOUS!”)

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