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Gotta Eat ‘Em All

, , , , | Related | October 6, 2016

(A mom and daughter are waiting at a table until the dad comes over. It’s later evident he doesn’t live with them.)

Dad: “Hey, I got some Pokémon for you. Some of them were your brother’s he doesn’t want.”

(He hands over a large bag of Pokémon plushies.)

Daughter: “YAY!”

(She pulls out each one, naming them, until…)

Daughter: “Huh?”

Dad: “What?”

Daughter: *angry* “This one is NOT Pokémon!”

Dad: *frowns* “It’s not? Oh, that’s one your brother put in.”

(Mom and daughter started laughing. The plushie in question was Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street.”)

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