Getting Folded Out Of Shape

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(I am working as a cashier at a university well known for their football team. This happens on a home football Saturday right before the game.)

Me: “Did you find everything all right?”

Customer: “Yes, we did.”

Me: *starts to ring up the clothes they are buying and begin to fold them*

Customer: “Don’t worry about folding; it can just go in the bag.”

(I try to just keep scanning and folding because I don’t want him yelling at me for wrinkling his clothes.)

Customer: *slightly louder* “You don’t need to fold; it’s fine.”

(I continue to fold because that’s what I’m trained to do.)

Customer: “We’re actually trying to make the game, so if you could just put it in a bag…”

Me: *trying to stay calm but am starting to freak out a little* “I’m sorry, but it fits better in the bag.”

Customer: “Well, we’re trying to get to the game, so just put it in the bag.”

(I try to just fold faster and not let him get to me but I must seem like I’m copping an attitude.)

Customer: “Who’s your manager?”

(I stay silent because I can’t believe he wants to see a manager over something so petty. My coworker gets one of the supervisors that is on the floor.)

Supervisor: “Is something wrong?”

Customer: “Yeah, I just asked her to not fold my clothes because I’m trying to making the game, and all I’m getting is attitude.”

(I’m just trying to do my job effectively and how I was taught to do.)

Supervisor: “I’m sorry; she’s just trying to be neat.” *to me* “I know you like being neat and everything, but I’ll help you put it in a bag.”

Me: *almost tearing up* “All right.”

(I continue scanning and she bags for me, while I try to keep my composure.)

Me: “Slide when you see the blue arrows.”

(The customer slid and signed for his purchase. I handed him the bag and told them to have a good day. I just wish that customers wouldn’t come in on a busy day and act like we have to accommodate them because they are in a hurry.)

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