Fan-Girling The Flames Of Love

| Romantic | July 24, 2012

(My boyfriend is on holiday visiting family. We’re talking over the phone, and I’m on Tumblr while we’re chatting.)

Boyfriend: “I mentioned my Uncle is a massive nerd, right?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Boyfriend: “He has a massive collection of comics he doesn’t want and I have free reign. What ones are you interested in?”

Me: “Oh! X-men, Avengers, Spiderman, basically anything Marvel.”

Boyfriend: “Awesome. And I’m bringing back my Pikachu alarm clock.”

(I spot something on Tumblr, and start giggling, flapping my free hand.)

Me: “Okay, between you and Tumblr, I am totally fan-girling right now!”

Boyfriend: “Good thing?”


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