Making A (Movie) Scene

| Romantic | July 23, 2012

(After an event, my boyfriend and I sit on the back bumper of his car, not wanting to leave, even though it’s getting late. We’ve been talking for a while, and the conversation takes a pause with my head resting on his shoulder. He is my first boyfriend, so I am not completely comfortable with being overly affectionate in public yet.)

Boyfriend: “You know, if our lives were a movie, I think people would be yelling at me to ‘kiss the girl’ already.”

Me: “Was that a subtle hint?”

Boyfriend: “Oh, that wasn’t meant to be subtle at all.”

Me: “Well, what about that old man over there? I’m sure he doesn’t want to see that.”

Boyfriend: “No, I’m pretty sure he’d be yelling at me to kiss you as well.”

(He kisses me, and we hear the old man whistle from across the parking lot.)

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