Failed The Name Game, Part 8

| Working | April 22, 2016

(My older sister and I are out shopping. My first name is relatively normal, but my sister, whom my parents believed to be a boy right up until she popped out, was given the neutral name they’d intended for my ‘brother.’ Fortunately, she loves her goofy name, even when stuff like this happens.)

Me: *we’re waiting in line at checkout* “Okay, we have everything.”

Sister: “You’re sure?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Sister: “Because we both know who will have to come back and get anything we missed.” *hands her card and ID to the cashier*

Cashier: *condescendingly* “Sweetie, I’m going to need YOUR ID, not your daddy’s.”

Sister: “That IS me.”

Cashier: *stares at her as if she’s stupid* “‘Tyler’? I don’t think so, honey.”

Me: “No, seriously, that’s her name.”

Cashier: “Look, if you’re going to be lesbo, do it on your own time. For now, your real ID, or you’re kicked out. Understand?”

Sister: *pulls her driver’s license out with her full name AND very recent picture and shows it to her* “Isn’t it funny that my parents gave me a boy’s name? It’s almost like they spent nine months calling me that and then decided choosing a new one would take too much effort when I turned out to be a girl.”

Me: “Oh, right, that actually happened.”

(The cashier hurls the ID back at us as she slams our groceries through the scanner, thankfully being more gentle with the fragile stuff. She continues to glower at us the whole time and Tyler decided she has to get one final jab in as we left.)

Sister: “TYLER, over and out, Ashley, my friend! See you next week!”

(The look of rage on the cashier’s face was priceless.)

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