Wireless, Clueless, And Hopeless, Part 16

| Working | April 21, 2016

(I purchase a drink in the cafe of a popular chain bookstore, and then attempt to access the store’s Wi-Fi on my mobile device. The device has trouble connecting. At first, I don’t find this unusual, as it has had trouble connecting to busy or slow Wi-Fi in the past. But after several attempts, I still am not getting the desired result.)

Me: *rhetorical* “Why won’t this stupid tablet connect to the Internet?”

Barista: “Oh, our Internet is down. We were recently ordered to switch providers from [Third Party Provider] to [Bookstore]’s company provider, and we’re still waiting for corporate to send us a piece of hardware to actually get the Wi-Fi up and running.”

Me: “Why didn’t they send you the piece BEFORE they had you switch over?”

Barista: *sardonically* “Because that would be logical.”


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