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Do You Want Help Or Not?!

, , , , | Related | January 10, 2021

My dad starts taking a liking to a few video games when I am just starting high school, and he usually asks me for any help with them. However, he has a quick temper whenever I help him.

A clear example of this is when a popular game re-releases with a special edition. My dad asks me how to deal with the inventory space within the game.

Dad: “So, how do you work with the inventory? How can I get my sword quickly?”

Me: “Oh, that’s easy! You press E, and then you press Y on whatever item you want quickly. It’s called Favorites. And, actually, we can take it further by numbering them so it is a lot faster. So, with your sword, you can number it—”

Dad: “Stop! STOP! You’re controlling my game!”

Me: “…”

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