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“Denver” Is Just Their Pet Name For The Baggage Claim

, , , , | Working | September 29, 2020

My husband and I have an early morning flight. We will layover in Denver and then go on to our final destination. That morning, the worst weather system in years hit our city. We sit in the airport all day, enduring delay after delay. Finally, all flights are canceled and we reschedule for the following day. Please note: no planes have left that airport today.

After we reschedule, this takes place with the agent.

Us: “Where can we pick up our checked luggage?”

Agent: *Checks the computer* “It’s in Denver.”

Us: “No, it can’t be; the plane to Denver never left.”

Agent: “It’s in Denver. You can pick it up there.”

Us: “We are no longer going through Denver. And how did the luggage get to Denver?”

Agent: “It’s in Denver.”

We finally went to the baggage claim and found it there.

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