“Corporate” – A Scammer’s Least Favorite Word

, , , , | Working | August 7, 2019

(I am temporarily answering the company phone for the receptionist when I get a call that, according to caller ID, comes from “Illegal scammer.” Slightly curious, I pick it up.)

Caller: “Is [Former Owner] there?”

Me: “No, he sold the company two years ago.”

Caller: “Is the current owner available?”

Me: “No.”

Caller: “When will the owner be available?”

Me: “We’re owned by a company in Ohio. You can’t reach them with this number.”

Caller: “Oh, so you’re corporate owned. Thank you. You’ve been really helpful and really, really rude.” *click*

(I’ll concede that I was a little rude, since I was so thrown by the caller ID, but the way the caller talked you’d think I’d viciously cussed her out. Even weirder, she was perfectly friendly up until the sudden accusation of rudeness.)

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