Cold And Logical Reasoning

| Romantic | December 4, 2015

(I haven’t been outside yet all day, but my neighbor comes over, bundled up in a parka. Later, my husband goes out in his big, fluffy coat, and comes in shivering and complaining about how cold it is. Finally, at about 7:30 that night, I need to step outside to grab something from the car, and I decide just to dash for it, rather than worry about a coat. This happens when I get back.)

Me: “You know, between you and [Neighbor], I really thought it was going to be insanely cold out there.”

Husband: “It is!”

Me: “I went out in a t-shirt, and didn’t even get goose-bumps! Yeah, it’s a little chilly, but nowhere near ‘cold.’”

Husband: “I think you’re forgetting something.” *points to himself* “Southern California. ” *points in the vague direction of our neighbor* “South Carolina.” *points at me* “THE ALPS!”

Me: “Oh. True. But still…”

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