Ex-tremely Annoying

| Romantic | December 3, 2015

(I am still friends with one of my exes. About a week ago, I had called him very upset about breaking up with my then-current boyfriend. From this he assumed that I wanted him back, which made him feel uncomfortable, but I told him very clearly that I hadn’t meant it that way. We are now walking from his apartment to dinner.)

Me: *reaching into bag, I remove a mini Snickers bar that I took from his kitchen*

Ex: *teasing* “Hey! I told you not to eat those! And you’re going to ruin your dinner.”

Me: *unwrapping the Snickers* “Too bad! It’s happening!”

Ex: “NO!” *slaps the Snickers bar out of my hand before I can bring it to my mouth, where it lands on the street*

Me: “…”

Ex: “Bwahaha!”

Me: “Gee, I can’t imagine why I don’t want to date you…”

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