Children Can Be A Real Pay-n

, , , | Right | July 5, 2019

(A middle-aged customer returns a DVD.)

Customer: “I want to return this, and I want you to not rent out movies to my son anymore.”

(This is generally a valid request, as our customer cards are transferable and friends and family members can rent in the cardholder’s name if they know the correct PIN. But the cardholder can, of course, put a lock on that, in which case we put a corresponding note in the account. When I scan the DVD to take it back, I see that this is not the case here, as it was rented from the son’s own account. He is 19 years old.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but it looks as if your son is a legal adult and this is his own account. I cannot stop somebody from using his own account, just because somebody else says so.”

(The customer looks at me with a grim expression, but says nothing.)

Me: “That will be 15€, then.”

Customer: “See, that’s what I mean!”

Me: *with a smile* “Well, it’s his account, and his responsibility. You don’t have to pay for him, you know?”

Customer: *grumbles something unintelligible, pays, and leaves*

(People, it’s not my fault that you can’t teach your children to be responsible with money!)

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