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Caught In A Never-Ending Chicken Finger Trap

, , , | Right | January 17, 2021

I’m working food prep behind the concession stand. [Customer #1], a woman in her forties, ordered chicken fingers about five minutes ago, and they’re just finishing up. As I’m preparing to bring them out, a young teenage couple, [Customer #2] and [Customer #3], order the same thing from the cashier, and they are told it’ll be about five minutes. I recognize the couple as having caused some problems before, so I know it’s gonna be painful.

I wander from behind the concession stand and begin to approach the woman who placed the first order.

Me: “Ma’am, I have your chicken fingers.”

Suddenly, [Customer #2] and [Customer #3] jump in front of me.

Customer #2: “Yeah, we had chicken fingers.”

Me: “Yup! I got yours in the oven. It’ll just be a few more minutes.”

Customer #3: “But those are ours.”

Me: “Oh, I understand the confusion. These were ordered before your order. But don’t worry, I have your order in the oven, and it’ll be out soon.”

At this point, [Customer #1] has noticed me and has begun to walk towards me to get her food. I try to walk around the couple, and they again walk right in front of me and block me.

Customer #2: “Um… we had the chicken fingers.”

Me: “Yes, I understand you ordered chicken fingers. Your order will be out in a few minutes.”

Customer #3: “Babe, why won’t he give us our order?”

Customer #2: “I dunno. Just give us our order, dude.”

Me: “Yes, I will definitely give you your order when it is done.”

Customer #2: “But that’s our order!”

Me: “As I said, this order was placed before yours. Your order is in the oven. It will be ready in just a few minutes.”

I try to walk around them again, and they block me for a third time. At this point, [Customer #1] is standing on the other side of them. I try to pass the food to her, and [Customer #2] responds by trying to snatch it right out of my hand. I pull them back before he can grab them.

I remain polite but become firm.

Me: “Again, these are not your order. Your order will be out in a few minutes.”

Customer #2: “But I ordered the chicken fingers!”

Me: “Yes, but other people ordered chicken fingers before you.”

Customer #3:Why won’t you give us our order?!

Me: “Because these are not yours.”

[Customer #1] sees what’s going on. She’s clearly somewhat amused but also annoyed that she can’t get her order. She walks around the couple and right up next to me so she can grab her order. I try to hand it to her, and again, [Customer #2] tries to grab it out of my hand.

Me: “Sir, I’m not repeating myself again. These. Are. Not. Your. Order. Do not try to take other people’s food.”

Customer #2:But we ordered chicken tenders!

Customer #1: *Amused but very annoyed* “SO DID I, DIPS***!”

[Customer #2] goes quiet. [Customer #1] finally gets her food and leaves. [Customer #2] puffs out his chest and puts on a tough-guy voice.

Customer #2: “You could have just told me, a**hole! Don’t make me look like a fool in front of my girl ever again! You’ll be f****** sorry!”

Me: *Rolling my eyes* “Aww, you’re adorable. Did you want any sauce with your order?”

Customer #2: “F*** YOU, MAN!”

He stomped off and left his girlfriend to pick up the order. The write-up for mouthing off to him was totally worth it just to see how frustrated he got when he saw that I wasn’t afraid of him.

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