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Cappuccinos, Cookies, And Clashing

, , , , | Right | January 29, 2018

(I am a barista. A customer has come from the food ordering counter to the coffee counter and shown his receipt.)

Customer: “I just wanted to check that the coffee you called out is mine and not somebody else’s.”

Me: “Extra shot small cappuccino? That’s yours, sir.”

Customer: “But you need to make sure.”

Me: “What’s your order number?”

Customer: “[Order number].”

Me: “Yep, that’s yours. It’s just down at the pickup counter.”

Customer: “But is it really mine? It could be somebody else’s.”

Me: “It’s definitely yours; we only had one extra shot small cappuccino order.”

(The manager goes past and grabs it, and hands it to him.)

Manager: “This is your coffee, sir. Thank you!”

Customer: “Could I also get a cookie?”

Manager: “Sure, that’ll just be [price].”

Customer: “No, it should be [lower price]; there’s a deal.”

Manager: “Your coffee is already in a meal, so you already have a discount. The deal is only for coffees that aren’t in a meal.”

Customer: “But I paid more for this coffee!”

Manager: “Sorry?”

Customer: “I paid extra for this coffee! I should get a discount.”

Manager: “No, it’s in a meal, so you actually got a discount. The drink has a price, but in a meal it’s a lower price. So, you still have a discount.”

Customer: “No, I literally paid extra for this coffee. Are you telling me I can’t have the discount after I paid extra?”

Manager: “You didn’t pay extra; you got a discount.”

Customer: “Seriously? I paid extra!”

Manager: “All right, I’ll give you the deal, anyway.”

Customer: “I paid extra! I already paid extra for this coffee!”

Manager: “No, you didn’t, but that doesn’t matter. Give me [lower price], and I’ll get your cookie.”

(He gets his cookie and goes. I step up to take the next order.)

Next Customer: “Wow. Some people just like to argue, don’t they?”

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