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Can We All Just Agree To Not Comment On What Others Eat, Please?

, , , , | Working | October 12, 2021

I’m in pretty good shape, but I like to eat, so it’s a happy balance of regular exercise and the occasional treat. I realise that I will never have a six-pack, but I’m a really healthy weight and have come really far.

Occasionally, I will have a bit of a treat day, skip the workout, and eat what I want for the day. On one of these days, I decide to grab a take-out for lunch and drive by the donut shop for something sweet. I get back to my desk and dig in. From nowhere, [Coworker] appears.

Coworker: “I wish I could eat anything and be thin.”

Me: “Oh, to be fair, I do exercise every day and go for—”

Coworker: *Interrupting* “I mean, if I ate that, I would just be even fatter than I am now. You are so lucky.”

Me: “Well, it’s not really luck. I am really careful with what I eat and how much I treat—”

Coworker: *Not listening at all now* “I think I’ve always been this way.”

Me: “Well, great talking to you. I’m going to eat my food now.”

Coworker: *Walking away* “So lucky.”

Nothing like being told hours of hard work every week and maintaining a healthy diet is just “luck” or, as she implied, purely genetics. The funny thing is that when I first met [Coworker], she did all she could to sneer at my healthy lunches. It’s funny how people “forget” and edit their narrative to suit them and what they want to believe.

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