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Bug-Eyed, Brain-Fried

| Working | July 6, 2012

(It is about 2 am, and I have been driving for about nine hours. I am about two hours from my destination and am now traveling on backroads. I have rolled all of my windows down, as the night air is very cool. This happens after I had pump some gasoline.)

Me: “Do you have any 5-hour Energy shots?”

Female Employee: *stares at me wide-eyed*

Me: “Do you know know what 5-hour Energy is?”

Female Employee: *eyes widen* “Bug!”

Me: “Bug?”

Female Employee: “BUG!” *points at the collar of my shirt*

(I look down and see the biggest moth I have ever witnessed in my life. I shriek like a little girl, knock it off my shirt onto the floor, and step on it.)

Me: “That thing was huge!”

Female Employee: “And it was one of God’s creatures… and you killed it!”

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