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Bedazzling Embarrassment

, , , , | Right | November 28, 2018

(I’m recovering the back of our store. It’s the end of my shift and I’m a little done with people for the day. While cleaning up a table, I begin hearing a soft “clunk, clunk, clunk,” as if something is hitting the floor a few feet away, and I go to investigate. I find a woman shopping with her husband, nonchalantly talking to him as she drops pieces of jewelry on the floor she apparently doesn’t want anymore.)

Me: *in the sweetest tone* “Oh, would you like me to put those away for you?”

Customer: “Oh! I’m so sorry! No, I can put those away, I just—”

Me: *stooping down to pick up the jewelry* “Nope, it’s fine; I got it!”

Customer: “My hands were just so full and—”

Me: *still sweet* “No worries! Someone could just slip on these if they’re left on the floor, and we don’t want that, do we?”

Customer: “No, not at all, I—”

(I walked away before she could finish. I found one empty tag in the pile, which was probably nothing, but I reported her to my manager, anyway, so someone could keep a good eye on her after I left. I hope she felt extra embarrassed.)


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