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Arguing Through The Window

| Friendly | September 27, 2015

(I am talking to a friend of mine over Facebook. He has a Mac whereas I have a PC. We constantly tease each other about Mac/PC being better and various reasons why it’s so. His main argument is that Macs don’t get viruses. My main point is that PC has a lot of games you can play that aren’t supported by Mac. I found a game that he would absolutely love but he can’t play because it isn’t Mac compatible.)

Me: “Every time I find a game for you it’s only Windows.”

Friend: “It’s okay, it might become available for Mac eventually.”

Me: “I’m sorry, [Friend], I thought I found something you’d like.”

Friend: “I should probably just convert my old Mac to run windows since I still have it and it just sits in a box.”

Me: “Do it! Convert to the dark side! Or in your case… come to the light side.”

Friend: “I am on the light side. Windows is the dark side, with all its viruses.”

Me: “What, you mean games? I can’t hear you over the sound of all the fun I’m having.”

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