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The Greasy Taste Of Irony

| Friendly | September 28, 2015

(I have a friend who’s really nice, but she doesn’t always think before she speaks.  It is New Year’s Eve. She’d been to our house for NYE parties before, and the menu was usually pretty much the same: chicken fingers, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, chips, nuts, etc. The phone rings.)

Me: “Hello?”

Her: “Hi!  This is [Friend]. [Husband], [Sons], and I will be at your house soon for the party. We just wanted to get some dinner first.”

Me: “Dinner? Why? We’ve got lots to eat here.”

Her: “Well, yes, but I don’t want my kids filling up on all that junk food. We’re going to take them to [Fast Food Place] to get some burgers and fries.”

Me: “…”

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