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And You Wonder Why We Have Canned Responses

| Right | September 8, 2012

Customer: “Hey, you! Where is your canned corn?”

(Note that customer has just walked into my aisle from another aisle where all the canned vegetables are.)

Me: “All canned vegetables are in aisle 4. Did you happen to look there on your way here?”

Customer: “Are you an idiot? That’s your job to look, not mine. And you didn’t even look for them. How do you know they are where you say?”

Me: “I assure you, I’ve worked here for quite some time and that is where they are located. If you would go back down to aisle 4 and look on the left hand side, about a quarter the way down you will find the corn.”

Customer: “NO! You will go and look for me. Where do they find you people? It’s YOUR job to go look and not MINE. That’s what you losers are hired for.”

Me: “Yes, I’ll be right back.”

(I walk out of my aisle, go to the aisle with the canned vegetables to double check, and return to the customer.)

Customer: “Well?”

Me: “As I stated, they are in aisle 4.”

Customer: “But now you KNOW they are there because you LOOKED!”

Me: *trying to maintain composure* “Have a nice day.”

Customer: “F*** you, re***d!”

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