A Troll By Any Other Color Would Be As Annoying

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I’m playing on a rather small Minecraft server when a new player approaches me.

Player: “Hey, [My Gamertag]!”

Me: “Hello! Welcome to the server.”

Player: “You’re wearing diamond gear. Can I have some?”

Me: “I’m sorry, no. I barely have enough to keep my armor repaired.”

Player: “I’m black.”

Me: “Okay, and?”

Player: “Give me diamonds.”

Me: “Look, I already said no. I can help you mine for them, but I can’t just give you my stuff.”

Player: “Racist!”

Me: “What?”

Player: “You’re not giving me diamonds because I’m black!”

Me: “No, I’m not giving you diamonds because I can’t spare any.”

Player: “[Moderator #1], [My Gamertag] is harassing me!”

The mod has read the entire exchange.

Moderator #1: “…”

Player: “[My Gamertag] is a racist. BAN HIM.”

Moderator #1: “I’m not banning him, and you need to calm down, [Player].”

Player: “You’re racist, too! This server sucks!”

Me: “Just be quiet. Nobody is buying into your crap.”

Player: “F*** you, f****t!”

Moderator #1: “Stop cursing, or you’re going to be banned.”

Player: “You can’t tell me what to do, p****-a** b****!”

The mod bans the player.

A few days later, a player with a very similar username joins.

Player: “Hi, I’m white. Give me diamonds.”

Me: “Didn’t [Moderator #1] ban you a few days ago?”

Player: “I don’t know what you mean.”

Me: “Listen, I don’t have any diamonds to spare.”

Player: “You’re a racist! You’re a hacker! You’re…”

The player proceeds to call me every name in the book and proceeds to contradict himself multiple times, saying that I hate black people and then later saying I hate white people. 

Me: “Hey, [Moderator #2]! Can you ban this guy?”

Player: “I haven’t done anything!”

I couldn’t help laughing; this guy was so stupid. [Moderator #2] banned him.

I haven’t seen him since, but I still joke about it sometimes with my friends. To this day, I wonder if he was a troll or just plain dumb. I hope it’s the former; otherwise, I would lose faith in humanity.

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