A Time For Giving (Compliments)

| Romantic | December 16, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are walking around the Christmas market and doing some window shopping. We come to a toy store that sells plush monsters, including a round unicorn. It is very soft and in neon colours.)

Boyfriend: “Aw, that’s so cute! It is just as if it’s really fat and lies on the couch and says, ‘Give me cuddles! And food!'”

Me: “Oh, do you like it? Should I buy it for you then?”

Boyfriend: “Nah. Already have a similar one.”

(My boyfriend laughs and plants a kiss on my forehead.)

Me: *faking distress* “Oh, is this how you see me?”

Boyfriend: “No. I like you and the unicorn.”

Me: “So, should I buy it for you for Christmas, then? So you have two of us?”

Boyfriend: *completely seriously* “Nah. Too ugly.”

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