A Very Long (Wait For) Engagement

| Romantic | December 17, 2013

(My boyfriend has had my engagement ring for several weeks now, but hasn’t asked me to marry him yet. He’s already skipped asking me on Valentine’s Day a week earlier. I’m getting rather eager. Finally, I notice him acting nervous all day and know that today is the day! We go to church, we go out to lunch, we go shopping, we go to a movie, we go a store, all day we are together, and he still hasn’t given me my ring! He is driving me home, minutes before curfew. I get frustrated, while at a stop light at an intersection.)

Me: “So are you going to ask me, or what?”

Boyfriend: “Uh… Well, you wanna?”

Me: “Yes! Duh!”

(My boyfriend opens the center compartment in the car and hands me the ring box. Totally not romantic. And yet, it’s so us!)

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