A Senior Reason To Hang Up

| Working | December 9, 2013

(I get a phone call at home.)

Telemarketer: “Hello! I’m calling to let you know that you’ve qualified for a free three-month trial of our medical alert system. When can I arrange delivery of your system?”

Me: “I don’t need a medical alert system.”

Telemarketer: “Many people think they don’t need the system; however, you know that every year thousands of seniors will fall and break a bone. Without the ability to summon help, you may lie on your floor for hours or even days before someone finds you!”

Me: “I’m 25. If I fall I will put some ice on it.”

Telemarketer: “But don’t you want to be safe! What if you fall down your stairs? What if you slip in your bathtub?”

Me: “I’ll take my chances, thank you.”

Telemarketer: “But wait! It’s free for the first three months! Wouldn’t you like to try it!?”

Me: “No, thank you. I really don’t need it.”

Telemarketer: “FINE! I hope you fall down the stairs and break both your legs!

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