A One-Dollar Smile Is Priceless

, | Hopeless | October 9, 2016

I work at a coffee shop inside a box store. There is only two of us on duty at a time. My coworker has gone to the far back to fetch more cup lids, and I’m scrambling to hold down the bar. After getting through the main rush, I realize my hands are shaking and I’m having what I call a walking panic attack; my thoughts are just faster than normal rather than spiraling, but my body reacts the same. I take a few deep breaths to try and stay alert, and go to face the next customer.

After she orders her drink, I tell her the total and notice she switches the order of the bills she hands me. The top one has “Smile! It will get better” written on it.

When I hand her the drink, she has the biggest smile on which helps cheer me up, too. Thank you, random lady, for noticing I was down and helping me to feel happy again!

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