It’s Snow Problem

, , | Hopeless | October 12, 2016

My hometown gets about one to two feet of snow in a very short time. I live with my mom, and we decide to take a walk around the neighborhood to look at the newly-fallen snow. Around the corner, we find a public bus that has gotten stuck. Upon further inspection, we see that there are several people still on the bus.

My mom and I get on the bus and asked if everyone was okay. The bus driver says they are waiting for someone to come and help them, but it would probably be a while. Several people on the bus are from out of town and haven’t eaten in a while.

My mom and I said we’d be right back and we tramp back through the snow to our house to make a bunch of PB&J sandwiches and coffee.

We also took out some old blankets. We took all of this back to the people on the bus, telling them to not worry about giving the blankets back. It was a small thing, but the people were very grateful for the meal and a chance to warm up a bit.

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