A Micro Chance Of Making A Mini Transaction

, , , , | Working | July 30, 2018

(I’ve been driving cross-country and looking everywhere for a mini-USB cable. I pull into a well-known electronics shop. It is very small inside, and there are two employees present.)

Me: “Hi, do you have any mini-USB cables?”

Employee: “Sure.” *shows me micro-USB cables*

Me: “No, I need mini, not micro. It’s for my camera.”

Employee: “Oh. I might have one in the back.”

(He goes to look. It’s a very small store, and he is back in less than five minutes.)

Employee: “Found one!”

Me: “Really!? Oh, that’s great! Thank you. I’ve been looking for one since Georgia! How much is it?”

Employee: *looks at me a moment* “There’s no tag. I think it’s too old for one.”

Me: “Oh. So, how much?”

Employee: “$20. Cash only. No receipt.”

Me: *laughs, thinking he is joking*

Employee: *stares at me expectantly, clearly not joking*

Me: “Never mind.” *leaves*

(To this day, I regret not calling back to talk to a manager. No wonder you don’t see many of this store anymore.)

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