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(I work for a propane company and the instalation techs always call before going to a customer’s house to make sure they are home so it is not a wasted trip this call takes place the day after we were supposed to install a tank but the customer’s number was disconnected)

Me: Thank you for calling *** this is *** how may I help you?

Customer: This is *** and I was supposed to have a tank installed yesterday but they never showed

Me: I apologize sir let me pull up your account to find out why. Well it appears we tried to call but the number was disconnected as you did not leave a different number to reach you on.

Customer: Well that is impossible because I’m talking to you on it now.

(we have called id and I can see the number he is calling from and it is no where near the one he gave us )

Me: Sir can you please verify your phone number again for me to make sure we did not enter it in incorrectly.
gives me the number we have on file

Me: Sir that does not match the number that your calling me on my called id states the number is *********

Customer: No no no I have had the same number for 20 years. You must have changed it.

Me: Sir I can not change your number my self I do not work for the phone company I have no control over that. Does anyone have access to the account maybe they changed it?

Customer: only my daughter but she would have told me if she did. You changed it somehow now change it back. This is b.s. that you can just change my phone number when you feel like it now no one can call me.

Me: Sir I assure you I had nothing to do with it.

Customer: Change it back now. I’m reporting you and your f****** company this is b.s.*click

The daughter calls in a few hours later and explains she had to change the number and her dad is senile. We reschedule the install but couldn’t do it because his house was not piped properly and he just had a grill bottle hooked directly to the stove.