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| Unfiltered | October 14, 2017

There has been a rumour going around the terminal that shortly before I arrived a man had mooned everyone. I get on the plane and shortly before take off two men come on board. They’re both blushing and people are whispering. He notices and makes an announcement.

Man: It’s a sad day today. So as most of you probably know now, I’m trans, and I NEEDED to take my medication. That’s what I have to do, so maybe you can stop gossiping and making my life more difficult than it already is!

Elderly Passenger: I don’t think anyone here cares that you’re transgender.


Elderly Passengers: Because you exposed your bottom to everyone waiting for this plane.

Man: My medication! Are you deaf?

Elderly Passenger: I can hear just fine, thank you. Fine enough in fact that I heard you ask at security if you could have a room, and when you were offered a disabled toilet, you refused because it was “too far”. You then walked all the way down to us and exposed yourself!

The man blushes even more. He sits down in the row in front of me and starts complaining with who I later learn is his fiancé, who actually took the side of the passenger.

Throughout the flight it was agreed among many of the passengers that he probably just wanted to moon everyone and he was using his trans status as an excuse. Me being trans myself and probably on the same medication as him, I really want to side with him, but I can’t help but agree with the others. Taking testosterone has always been an extremely personal thing for me. I don’t even let my girlfriend see.

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