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Unfiltered | October 14, 2017

(My parents decide on a whim to send me to a private religious school instead of the public high school where I was happy with. Obviously, I’m a bit upset by the suddenness of the change, but I accept trying out for a year just to see how it feels. I’m atheist and a VERY literal and observant person with photographic memory to boot.)

Teacher *finishing long rant on why atheists are bad, what the point of religion is good, and why we are here on this earth* Well, what religion do you guys want to be? How about you? *points to a girl*

Girl: Christian.

Teacher: Good. You? *points to me*

Me: Atheist.

Teacher: *a bit shocked and put off* Wait, what?

Me: I want to be an atheist.

Teacher: But, didn’t you just hear a speech on how atheists will go to hell?

Me: Frankly, I feel this whole class is contradictory. You tell us to be accepting and loving, but then you tell us that gays and atheists will be sent to hell.

Teacher” Well, ALMOST everyone—

Me: Also, you say the point of religion is salvation and to go to heaven, but then you say God will only choose certain people. I find this very confusing, also, while we are on the topic, you said that religion is the way for humans to be moral and stuff, but what if religion is wrong? The attack on Twin Towers for instance. Those terrorists were religious, and it led to many deaths.

Teacher:… good point. Stay after class and we’ll talk privately. However, focus on the curriculum I’m about to teach you or else I will send you to the office.

(I stayed after class and it turned out that my teacher was secretly gay, but since her family was religious, she tried to hide it as well as she could. I told my parents and they seemed to agree to move me back to my old school.)