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At the time I am fresh out of massage school and working for a spa chain. Before starting they have a list of modalitys to put check marks next to which ones I do (examples: prenatal massage, hot stone therapy) but since I am fresh out of school I don’t do much, I check boxes for Swedish, deep tissue massage, hands and feet, that might have been it. This chart is for front desk eyes only, but on this day I later discovered they accidentally left it on the counter and my client saw.
I take my client back and ask what he’d like to work on.

Client: do you specialize in anything other than hands and feet?

Me: I actually do not specialize in hands and feet. We can fit the massage to whatever is bothering you or we could do a full body.

Client: says upfront you specialize in hands and feet.

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not sure where it says that, but I do not specialize in hands and feet. Are there any areas that are sore or bothering you?

Client: (getting flustered) well it says all you do is hands and feet and I’m just trying to ask what else you specialize in!

Me: I don’t really have an area of the body that I specialize in. I can work on anything that you want.

Client: (getting madder) okay. So. Hands and feet? You don’t specialize in anything else?!

Me:(getting nervous) we could do whatever you like. Or a full body. Would you like a full body?

Client: no! I guess I’ll take half the time on my feet and the other half on my hands.

Me: (defeated) okay. I’ll step out of the room to wash my hands, you can put your clothes on the chair and get under the covers face down.

During the foot massage, he mentions twice that he can barely feel anything, both times I tell him that’s as deep as I can go and offer to work on a different area, he says no.

Then after the massage he tells front desk that it was the “weirdest” massage he’s ever had. When they relay the massage I tell them it’s the weirdest massage I’ve ever given! This is when I discover they left the paper out where I had put a check by ‘hands and feet.