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My phone rings and i pick it up.
Me – “hello, this is myname”
Caller – “uh, is this myname?”
Me – “uhhh, yes. What can i help you with?”
Caller – “uh, i dont know why they told me to call you. Im calling about ticket #12345 and um…”
Me – “i dont have information about your work order tickets. What does the work order say?”
Caller – “um, i need to check on circuit #6789 but i dont know why i called you. Maybe i need to call this other number…”
Me – “uh… because im a network engineer for the company? What site are you at?”
Caller – “uhhh… *address* but maybe i should call this other number. But it said to call myname..”
Me – “uh, yeah. Because im the senior NETWORK ENGINEER”
Caller – “but i dont know why they told me to call you. Are you sure i shouldnt call this other number?”

At this point my entire department has collapsed into laughter.

Coworker – “jesus, you really do get those calls all the time, dont you?”
Me – *sigh* “….yep”
Coworker – “all because you are female?”
Me – “yep. Just because im a girl it somehow negates 20yrs experiance i guess”
Coworker – “head computer nerd. Im dying!”