More Bad Customers Than You Can Fit Through A Cable

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It’s 2003. Many of our customers are difficult, irrational, and bizarre. I’m still fairly new and learning but I’m already burnt out dealing with the crazies.

Customer: “I need some of that cable you use to connect a TV to cable service.”

I am instantly happy to have a customer ask for something when I know the exact item they need and where to find it.

Me: “Coaxial cable? Sure! It’s right down th—”


I point down the aisle — we just so happen to be standing at the end of the correct aisle — and state flatly:

Me: “Down there.”

I walked off without another word. You just can’t win when you work retail.

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(I was on my way home from a vacation and had a layover in Dallas. My flight out of Dallas hadn’t yet arrived so I went to Starbucks for some tea. I was waiting in line and there was a woman behind me.)

Woman behind me: *taps me on the shoulder* “Excuse me Miss, but I’m running late for my flight, so would you mind terribly if I went in front of you.”
(I had time before my flight so I decided to be nice)
Me: “Sure”
Woman behind me: “Thank you so much.”
(We both ordered and left and I made to my gate with plenty of time. As I was boarding I passed the lady who asked to go in front of me. We were on the same flight and we had plenty of time before the flight when we were at Starbucks.)

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(I work at a movie theater. If a movie is rated R, you must be 17 to buy a ticket or watch with a guardian who is at least 21. A group of 7-8 teenagers approach the box office where I am working.)

Me: “Hi, what can I get for you?”

Teenager 1: “Hi, would we be able to see [movie]?”

(Since the movie is rated R and I notice most of them appear quite young, I need to confirm their ages)

Me: “Are all of you at least 17?”

(They look around at each other. At this point I’m nearly positive they’re all underage. A few of them point to one teenager)

Teenager 1: “He is.”

Me: “Okay, he can go see it. The rest of you can’t though since the rest of you aren’t 17.”

Teenager 1: “But he’s an adult, we should be able to go see it then.”

Me: “Well, none of you are 17. Plus, if he wants to buy R-rated tickets for someone other than himself, he needs to be at least 21.”

(At this point they’re becoming desperate to see the movie.)

Teenager 2: “Well he’s considered an adult. Like, in my culture I could be considered an adult at my age.”

Me: “You’re not 17 though and there’s no one who’s at least 21 in your group. I’m sorry, but you can’t go see it.”

Teenager 1: “So? It’s not like we’re drinking, we’re just going to see [movie].”

Me: “That has nothing to do with this. You’re not 17. You can’t see this movie.”

Teenager 1: *crosses her arms* “Can we speak to a manager?”

Me: “Yea, if you come over to guest services I can call one for you, but they’re going to say the same thing anyway.”

Teenager 1: *realizes she’s beaten* “You know what, never mind.”

(The group leaves as I quietly laugh to myself. Some kids simply do not understand they can’t do what ever they want.)

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Phone: *ringring*

Me: *business name* may I help you?

Them: yes this is BLEEP from BLEEP BLEEP I want to talk to your shipping and receiving manager. Her name is Sh—?

Me: No, Sh— does not do shipping/receiving. Si— does shipping/receiving and she is not here today.

Them: Well I have Sh— down as shipping and receiving.

Me: Your information is incorrect, please update it. Si— does shipping and receiving, and she is not in today. Would you like to leave a message?

Them:….can I talk to Sh—? It’s about shipping and receiving.

Me: *growing a bit aggravated* Sh– Does. Not. Have. Anything. To. Do with shipping and receiving! That is Si—! And she is not in today!

Them: Fine! Then can I talk to Si–!?!



Bad, Bad Employee! For Shame!

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(I work as a host in a restaurant right after I graduate from college. As a rule, we do not seat larger parties unless they have at least half of their party present. A man and his son walk in.)

Me: “Hi, how many?”

Man: “There’s going to be eight of us.”

Me: “Okay, well, we can’t seat you until half of your party is here.”

(They don’t say anything and sit on the bench in the foyer. Since it’s slow, I decide to go ahead and set their table up. Afterward, I walk around the restaurant to collect menus. While I’m in the back of the dining room, I see that their group is starting to arrive. I start walking towards the door to get them to their table.) 

Woman: “This is just ridiculous!”

(I walk faster and finally get to them and show them to their table. On my way back to the host stand, I see that she has cornered my manager.)

Woman: “My husband and son wanted to get here early and have an appetizer while they waited and they were told to wait! This is just ridiculous!”

(He ended up comping their entire meal and I got in trouble for following policy.)

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