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i am a female and was working the cash register as a man and his son, who was about my age came through my line with some nuts and bolts. the dad joking said, his son finally found his nuts. i laughed and said they were kind of small! the dad laughed even more and said his mother always told him it was quality over quantity. we both were laughing pretty hard. while his son paid for the items, he just kept his head down and was blushing really bad.

Everyone’s A Lawyer Until You Present Them With The Law

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A customer calls to ask if she can return some makeup.

Customer: “I purchased it from your website and just want to change the colors out quickly.”

I confirm with my manager and say yes. When she gets here, her makeup is not, in fact, from our website at all! She then changes her story at least three times over the course of an hour-long scream fest.

Some of the best arguments are…

Customer: “I recorded the phone conversation, so you are going to eat this cost as a company or as employees themselves.”

Customer: “[Company] customer support said I could just return it to you because you sell the same makeup.” 

And my personal favorite…

Customer: “My husband is a cop! If two people agree to the same thing, you have to honor it!”

She demanded to talk to our manager, then our manager’s manager, and then the owner of the company. My manager let her talk to one of the managers above her on the phone to try and appease her. This only succeeded in angering EVERYONE else shopping in the store as she proceeded to scream into the phone for fifteen minutes at the top of her lungs about how she was wronged.

By this point, I was getting curious about the package she brought in. Not only was the name on the package not hers, but the “thirty miles” she claimed she had to drive to get to our store was incorrect, as well. The address on the package was practically down the street!

She somehow got wind of the fact that we’d called the cops and suddenly became the most understanding and peaceful customer ever.

She left a few minutes later. Unfortunately, we noticed too late that her silent friend with the big purse had been secreting away product during the whole temper tantrum.

Consider it the price of getting her out of our store!

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This Story Goes Up To Eleven

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I work in an upscale shoe store. A customer walks in with a pair of shoes to return. 

Me: “Okay, sir, was anything wrong with the shoe?”

Customer: “It’s too big.”

Me: “Would you like to try the next size down?”

Customer: “No, I’m an eleven.”

Me: “Sometimes different brands will run a bit—”

Customer: “No, I’ve been buying shoes all my life and I am an eleven.”

Me: “Okay, sir, so, would you like to exchange it for anything else?”

The customer looks around and chooses a few styles he’d like to try on in an eleven. They’re all too big. I offer to measure his foot, to his great offense. I pull out the next shoe in a ten and a half and he still declares that it’s too large.

Me: “That was a ten and a half, sir.”

Customer: “I wear eleven! How about this style? If this one doesn’t fit, then I’ll just have to return those shoes.”

By that time, I’d realized nothing would fit because of his “size.” I had the shoe in an eleven, but to save myself an even bigger headache, I just told him we didn’t have it. I processed the return while he went on about what a shame it was that our shoes didn’t fit him.

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Thank You For Flying Comedy Airlines

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I am aboard an airplane on an inexpensive airline known for being fairly laid back, where sometimes flight attendants will give funny safety spiels. This is one of those times, and our attendant has the passengers laughing pretty quickly.

My favorite part is when she gets to the “oxygen masks will fall” part:

Flight Attendant: “Pull the oxygen mask towards you and place it over your nose and mouth. The oxygen will begin to flow automatically. If the oxygen does not begin to flow, then insert a quarter into the coin slot above your head.”

She pauses for laughter.

Flight Attendant: “I’m just kidding. You don’t need to pay for oxygen. We’re not [Cheap Airline, known for low fares but lots of extra fees].”

There’s more laughter.

Flight Attendant: “Hey, they have their business model; we have ours!”

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(At the grocery store, there was an middle-aged woman standing in front of the item I wanted, so after standing for a minute waiting for her to move, I decided to go for it as she was at least two feet from the shelf. After saying excuse me, I grabbed the item and started walking out the aisle. There also happened to be another older woman in the aisle)

Other Older Woman: “Hey! You don’t just walk in front of someone without saying excuse me.”
Me: “Uh.. I did say excuse me?”
Middle-aged Woman: “No, you didn’t.”
Me: “Yea, I said it before I reached for the item.”
MAW: “You don’t say it before. You say it after.”
Me: “I’m pretty sure you say it beforehand.”
OOW: “No. That was very rude of you to do. You need to apologize.”
Me: “Um sorry?”
OOW: “You’ll be a terrible driver when you grow up. I’ll hopefully be off the streets when you’re driving.”
(After shrugging, I left the aisle.)
MAW: (grumbling) “Teenagers these days.”

(I don’t really understand of how “not saying excuse me” really correlates with driving, but that’s okay. I have my driver’s license already, and I haven’t crashed or gotten honked at yet.)