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Unfiltered | September 15, 2017

I’m in the language resource center in my university, with a friend.My friend want to send an e-mail at our english teacher.
my friend : which is her email adress?.


the language resource center secretary heard (I had a strident voice) and interrupt.

language center secretary : I understand. You have say “ACAB”.

I understand (because the”ACAB insult – all cops are bastard- is usual too in France) and want correct.

Me : but !.

langague center secretary: Seriously, an english insult ,we understand here !all people speak english

my friend : hum, he said …

Language center secretary :he said AFCAB ? yes, it’s surely for “all fuckings cops are bastard or something . In High school, you had detention for

this !. pff ! those anti-police activists !

Me : Hum , it’s my english teacher email.Anne-frédérique Cab… [cab is the beginning of her surname]

( I show our english teacher profile -on the online university directory – with email adress and our language center secretary apologized !)