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This happened when my husband and I moved into a new house. We invited some of our friends over to see it.

Friend: I love your house!
Me: Thanks!
Friend: Except for the kitchen. It’s not my cup of tea.
Me: Uh, why don’t you like it?
Friend: Because I can.

I was bewildered and, quite honestly, pretty insulted at this rude and cavalier comment about our kitchen. A bit later …

Friend: Our garden is bursting with all kinds of fruit and vegetables right now, and I’ve got to start canning them soon. (to me) Like I said, that’s why your kitchen wouldn’t suit me. Not enough counter space.
Me: … OH! That’s what you meant before by “Because I can”?
Friend: (puzzled) Yes … what else would I have meant?
Me: Never mind.

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