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I was working third shift for a medical lab that operates 24/7/365. As I was doing my “start of shift” rounds (which includes making a lap around the lab to make sure no one has any outstanding issues), a car pulls up beside me.

Guy: “Hey, yo, miss. My girlfriend is here for a job interview. Where do I go?”
Me: “I’m actually heading into the lab building right now. I’ll escort her in.”

(Lady hops out of the car and I let her in. As I’m asking her questions to find out who she’s supposed to interview with, I immediately know she’s not going to get this job. At first, she doesn’t remember who she’s supposed to interview with or what position she’s interviewing for. She’s dressed like she’s going to the club, with a short denim skirt, shirt that barely covers her cleavage, and denim jacket. She’s also wearing open-toed wedges in a medical lab and has nails that are easily an inch long and won’t fit in medical gloves. When she finally pulls up the Email on her phone and shows it to me, I realize the manager she’s interviewing with doesn’t arrive until an hour later.)

Me: “Okay, I’ll let the manager know you’re here. Hang out in our breakroom and she’ll be with you shortly.”

(I let the current shift manager know the candidate is there and continue my rounds. When I cycle back around, I see a four-year-old toddler running around and have to physically stop him from running into the lab proper. I guide him back into the break room and he runs to the lady interviewing. I flagged down the assistant manager.)

Me: “Please tell me that chick didn’t bring her kid to a job interview.”
AM: “Her boyfriend brought him in and asked to let the kid use the bathroom.”
Me: “Do they know there’s a 24/7 gas station down the road?”
AM: “Apparently not.”
Me: “Oh lord.”

(A few hours later, I headed to lunch and stopped by the manager’s office.)

Me: “So how did the interview go?”
Manager: “You mean that hoochie mama that was dumb enough to bring her kid into the lab? I told her she’s wasting her time.”

I don’t think she got the job.

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