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I have been wanting to try out this Beyond Meat burger for quite some time, so my husband and I go to a popular burger joint to try it out. I also prefer to eat vegan, so when I ordered the burger, I asked if any of the sauces weren’t vegan.

Cashier: “Sorry?”

Me: “Do any of the sauces contain non-vegan ingredients?”

Cashier: “Nope. All it has is ketchup, mustard and mayo.”

Me: “Okay. Well, mayo isn’t vegan – it has eggs in it.”

My husband ordered the exact same burger as me, but with cheese and the regular sauces. When his came out, it also had tomatoes and onions. Even though I asked for mine to be without cheese, mayo or mustard, all I got on my burger was a small amount of ketchup … oh well.

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