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I answer calls for various automotive repair shops. November is typically a busy time as people are booking appointments to change over to winter tires. I get a call for one of our shops, from a client I have spoken to multiple times. He is a bit of a jerk and no one particularly likes dealing with him.

Me: Thank you for calling (shop name), (my name) speaking how may I help you?

Client: Yes, I have a slow leak in one of my tires so I wanted to know if you’d be able to just switch my tires out to winter ones today?

Me: Sorry, no. I can do something tomorrow though if you’d like?

Him: No, it really needs to be done today. I wasn’t able to drive it to work so I had to take the day off. Is there really nothing you can do today?

Me: I can check with the advisor, just hold a moment.

I then call the advisor’s extension, already knowing he’ll say no, as he had already asked me to block the day in the calendar. I’m unable to reach him so I just go back to the client on the phone.

Me: Hi, sorry. Like I said there’s nothing today.

Him: Ok, well can I book something for an oil change tomorrow?

Me: sure. Just the oil change?

Him: yes. I’ll get the tires changed somewhere else today, so just oil tomorrow. I’ll drop the keys off tonight.

Me: sure thing.

The next time I’m talking to the advisor I mention that the client is coming in the next day, and tell him it’s just for an oil change.
The next day the client calls in and speaks to my colleague telling her that I must’ve forgotten to add the tire change as well as oil to the appointment.
Our calls are recorded so even though I’m positive I confirmed it was just for oil, I pull the call anyway to listen. Sure enough, I’m right, so I call the advisor.

Me: (client) was lying! I confirmed he was getting the tires done elsewhere and it was just for oil today.

Advisor: Oh I know. He showed up with the tires in the car and said you forgot to put it in the appointment. I told him (my name) told me ahead of time you were coming in, and what for, and she doesn’t lie to me or make mistakes. So don’t worry, I set him straight.

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