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(The restaurant this takes place at is currently having renovations so there is a lot of loud machinery. This makes taking orders especially difficult.)
Me: Hello welcome to (restaurant) order whenever your ready.
Customer: (mumbles)
Me: uh sorry could you repeat that?
He does the same again and i respond in a similar way.
Customer: ugh whatever I’ll just get a number 3 meal.
He finally gets to my window. Before i even tell him his total he starts yelling at me.
Him: Let me spell it out for you sweetheart. S-P-E-C-I-A-L-S specials.
He looks at me like I’m stupid for a solid minute before he continues.
Him: I guess that’s just a thing in Mississippi. I’ll never come through here again.
Me: Have a nice day.
So dude i hope yelling at a 17 year old girl at a fast food restaurant because she didn’t understand what you were saying made your day. Because it sure didn’t help mine.

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