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(I work for a company which provides replacement vehicles for people who have been in an accident which was not their fault and then we recover the costs from the at fault party’s insurance company. We do our best to provide customers with as similar a vehicle to their own as we can, but we can only offer what we have on our fleet)

(I have completed the claim and approved the car for the customer and as the customer had demanded to know what car she would be getting, I had checked with our logistics department ahead of time and called the customer back)

Customer: So, what vehicle will I be getting?

Me: A 2017 Toyota Corolla (at the time the car was less than year old and the customers car was a 2015 Corolla, so we were going to provide a newer car)

Customer: Does it have reversing cameras?

Me: I am afraid not, sorry. Only some of our prestige cars come with extras like that equipped

Customer: I must have reverse cameras, how am I supposed to reverse without them?

Me: *In my mind* Just use your mirrors and turn your head, b**** *I actually say* I can only apologise again, the car we will provide you with is less than a year old, but this model does not come with reversing cameras as standard

Customer: *shouting* This is ridiculous! I want to speak to a manager.

Me: I will put you through to one now, just hold the line

(Just from the customers tone I could tell I was not going to get anywhere with her. I just thought this was so unbelievably entitled. We were going to provide her with a car while her car was in for repairs and not charge her a penny, yet she wanted to create a huge fuss over a feature which the majority of cars don’t have. Apparently she ranted at my manager for a bit and demanded an upgrade, which we didn’t give her. Insurance companies won’t pay for a prestige car when the car being replaced is only a standard car. We can provide upgrades in certain cases, but yelling at myself and my manager was not the way to get one. In the end, she didn’t get a car from us)

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