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I’m working at a very popular convenience store on cash register. It’s a very busy day and the lines are steadily long for the last hour.

Me: “Your total is $9.87.”

The customer hands me a 20 dollar bill. And while his change is obviously $10.13, I still push the $20 button on the cash register so it will calculate it out for both me and the customer. I hand the customer his change and put the 20 dollar bill in the inaccessible safe deposit box next to me and look to the next customer.

Me: “Hi, how are…”

Customer 1: *interrupting* “EXCUSE ME! I gave you a fifty dollar bill.”

I pale, look back at my screen that is still displaying his transaction becuase I haven’t started the next one yet.

Me: *stuttering* “I-I don’t think you d-did, the screen says $20”

Customer 1: “NO!! I definitely gave you a fifty!”

Me: *getting more nervous, but pretty sure he didn’t give me a fifty* “I can have my manager come up and balance my till and if it’s over by $30 can give you the difference.”

Customer 1: “JUST FORGET IT!!” *storms outside and peels off in his car*

Me to customer 2: “Sorry, let me ring you up…”

I finish my day and balance my till and I’m only a few cents off. I was bewildered by the man and his obvious lie. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered notalwaysright.com and realized this was a common scam by most customers! Thank goodness I’m out of customer service!

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