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I work at a drive in fast food hybrid and was called to come in early to help with a seemingly never ending rush. As the rush seems to slow, I can finally help with taking orders.

Me: Thank you for coming! Sorry if there was a bit of a wait, how can I help you this morning?

Customer in a grumpy voice: Do you have the *unintelligible*.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, it’s a little hard to hear you, can you please repeat that?

Customer: Sorry, I’m losing my voice. I wanted to get two of those mini sandwiches y’all are doing, The bacon ones?

I stop for a second ask the manager if we had what she wanted.

Manager: We stopped selling those about a month ago.

The manager stopped for a second before they grabbed the headset connected with mine.

Manager: I’m sorry ma’am, but we stopped selling those around a month ago, they aren’t even advertised on the stalls.

Customer: …What?

My manager spent the next two minutes explaining the situation to the customer, who was getting angrier by the second. The manager handed back the board to me.

Me: Can I get anything else for you instead ma’am? If you need a minute, that’s fine.


The customer honked her horn into the speaker and sped off, on the wrong side of the road.

Manager: So that was your first problem customer, how do you feel for food workers?

Me: I think you lost all my respect for you.

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