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(At the Supermarket I work at, there is an in-store pharmacy. Certain items can only be stocked and bought at the pharmacy. However, the tills are the same so they still scans on the normal checkouts.

A couple come through my till. I scan an item the couple had put on the conveyor belt which looks to be some kind of medicine. But since it isn’t in a Pharmacy bag, I assume it is just a product off the shop floor.)

Customer: Oh, you didn’t scan that did you?!

Me: Urm, yes I did. It was on the conveyor belt so I assumed you wanted to buy it.

Customer: But we already paid for it! Obviously! The receipt is in the box.

(I give her a look of disbelief, as if she somehow expected me to have x-ray vision)

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t know. It’s no problem. I can just void it off.

Customer: The lady at the Pharmacy expected us to pay for it there. I didn’t think your till would be able to scan it…

Me: Well legally we’re only meant to sell tobacco products at the cigarette kiosk, but the tills will still sell tobacco on all the other tills. It’s the same with the Pharmacy.

Customer: Oh. Well there should be a sign!

(While the couple were older, and obviously had never worked retail, I don’t get how you wouldn’t understand that a till scans any and all items sold in the store. Regardless of the point of sale. I also don’t get how you can get mad at a cashier for scanning an item on the conveyor belt, indicating your intention to buy it!)

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