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In 7th grade, I worked at a snack bar to earn money for a trip. One day I was working the window and an elderly man walked up.

Me – Hi, what can I get for you sir?
Him – I’d like a Frito pie, please.
Me – Anything else?
Him – That’s it.

The man paid, and I wrote down the order and gave it to the cook. I realized I had forgotten to ask if the man wanted cheese on the Frito pie.)

Me – Sir, would you like some Frito pie on your cheese?

I realized my mistake and chuckled a little to myself.

Me – I’m sorry, sir, I meant to ask Would you like some cheese on your Frito pie?

The man stared blankly at me for a few seconds, and then walked off without his food, even though he had already paid. It was funny and confusing at the same time.