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(I worked at a popular sandwich restaurant for a few months, and while I encountered many snippy customers and strange orders(meatball and tuna sub??) this one remains to be the most ridiculous)
Customer: Hi I’d like three sandwiches please.
Me: Alright
(I make her three sandwiches)
Me: Alright m’am, would you like a bag for ten cents?
Customer: Excuse me? When did you start charging for bags?
Me: Well, we always have. It’s California state law actually, legally we’re supposed to charge for all plastic bags.
Customer: I’m pretty sure that’s only for grocery stores, I’ve never had to pay for a plastic bag at this location before.
Me: I’m sorry m’am, I along with my other coworkers were reminded by our manager to enforce the law.
Customer: Well, I want a bag, but I don’t want to pay for it.
(I take a moment to process what she just said)
Me: I can’t give you a bag unless you pay for it, m’am.
Customer: Ugh, whatever.
(After she left my coworker and I had a good laugh about it. It astonishes me how many people didn’t want to pay a dime for a plastic bag.)