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I make a quick to Home Depot to pick up a few items for a project I’m working on. I run very early in the morning and decided to go to the hardware store after my morning run. I’m wearing bicycle shorts, a tank top, cute knee high socks with cats in them, running shoes, and a bandana.

I’m in the trim department and need 5 ft of trim. There is a cut station nearby and being Saturday morning no employees in sight. No big deal the saws are there so I measure and cut my piece.

Just as I finish an older man comes around the corner to the cut station.

Man: Oh you don’t work here do you?

I look at my outfit which in no way is remotely close to a Home Depot employee.
Me: No sorry.

He frowns and shift his weight. Looks at the cut station and back to me. I realize he must want something cut.

Me: Yeah I didn’t want to wait for anyone.

I put my trim in the cart and place the excess in the bin of shorter pieces. I turn to leave and he was just standing there. Don’t know if he got any help but glad to know Home Depot is so liberal with there employee dress code!